Welcome to the old home of the MIT Free/Open Source Software Paper Repository which was available online at freesoftware.mit.edu, opensource.mit.edu and foss.mit.edu and which was run by Karim R. Lakhani, Eric von Hippel, and Benjamin Mako Hill.

After many years of maintaining this archive, we have decided to retire and discontinue the old web site. In order to ensure that others still have access to the wonderful collection of papers that so many people worked together to build, we have transferred our full database of papers over to FLOSS Papers which has, in turn, transferred its database to FLOSShub Biblio. All of the working papers made available on this site should now be available on the FLOSShub.

Do to recurring spam and security concerns, and to avoid maintaining the archive in two places, we have taken our copy of the archive offline.

If you have any questions about the archive or if you believe that there is data in our archive that is not available on FLOSS Hub or elsewhere, please do not hesitate to contact us at opensource@mit.edu. Our copy remains intact and we are happy to dig into it for you. Of course, please keep in mind that we are volunteers and it may take us a little time to get back to you.

Finally, although the two mailing lists — F/OSS Community and F/OSS Discuss — have also been taken offline, archives to the two mailing lists are still available online.

Finally, static archives of the old site are also made available by the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine.

Thanks to all your support, contributions, and participation that made this community a success.

Benjamin Mako Hill (mako@mit.edu)